Provider Organizations
Dr. LeBlanc works with, or has worked with, these organizations in the U.S. and Canada to provide workshops and leadership training, support for executives and strategic planning, clinical systems design, research support, and/or case consultation.

A Bridge to Achievement

Advanced Behavioral Health
Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority
Behavior Change Institute
Behavior Services of the Rockies
BrainTrust Behavioral Health
Breakthrough Autism
Integrated Behavioral Solutions

John F. Murphy Homes
Trumpet Behavioral Health

Technology Organizations
Dr. LeBlanc works with the following technology companies to enhance their products, conduct research, and provide support on long-term strategic plan initiatives.

ABA Technologies
DataFinch Technologies

Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors
Dr. LeBlanc serves on the following Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors of organizations that are committed to enhancing services and products in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis or supporting professional development in the field. Please note that her capacity for serving on all Boards is currently FULL.

Advisory Boards
Association of Professional Behavior Analysts
DataFinch Technologies
Little Star ABA Therapy
Virginia Institute of Autism
Women in Applied Behavior Analysis

Boards of Directors
Colorado Association for Behavior Analysis

Society for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior