Dr. Linda LeBlanc is the President and Founder of LeBlanc Behavioral Consulting.  She has extensive experience in academic, clinical, and research leadership roles and is committed to helping organizations develop their systems and enhance their social impact.

Summer/Fall 2018 Conference & Speaking Schedule

August 10
: Tucson, AZ
Diversity of Practice in ABA 

September 15: SPG – Oakland, CA
Supervision and Mentoring; Recommended Practices for Data Collection and Analysis

October 11-12BABAT Convention – Amherst, MA 

Selecting the Right Measures and Collecting Meaningful Data

October 17-18: HABA Convention – Indianapolis, IN
Multiple Presentations

Service Description

LeBlanc Behavioral Consulting (LBC) provides services to the leaders of various types of organizations that intersect with behavioral psychology.  The services range from public speaking and training activities to executive coaching and development of organizational systems for research, and clinical oversight. Dr. LeBlanc also provides clinical consultation and supervision for established BCBAs who are looking for expertise in her areas of emphasis (e.g., gerontology, severe problem behavior, autism and intellectual disabilities, toilet training).     

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